MessageCleaner is a utility program designed to aid in the clean-up of email and news group messages that have been mangled by other programs. Why is this useful? Have you ever received a joke or a story via email that has been forwarded from one person to another, to another, to another...? Chances are, the message ends up looking something like this.

The message may be amusing (once you wade through the garbage), but if you want to send it to your friends you're faced with the dilemma : "Do I clean up the mess, or pass the trash?". That's where MessageCleaner comes in handy: you can clean up the mess with just a few mouse clicks.

To walk through a tutorial on how clean the sample message referenced above, click here.

In addition to stripping characters an re-wrapping lines of text, MessageCleaner is also capable of regrouping the '>'s in newsgroup messages so that questions, answers and comments made by numerous people are formatted correctly. To walk through a tutorial on how to reformat newsgroup messages, click here.