Tutorial 2 : Newsgroup message clean-up

On the next page is a sample newsgroup message that has been garbled with '>'s and broken lines of text that have been pushed beyond the maximum line length by the quotation characters inserted at the left margin. This tutorial will take you through the steps necessary to pull the message into MessageCleaner, clean it, and paste it back into you newsgroup reader to be posted as a new message.

First of all, you'll need to make sure MessageCleaner is running. Check your task bar for MessageCleaner's icon :

If MessageCleaner is running click here to proceed to the next step.

If MessageCleaner isn't running, you need to start it. During the installation process you had the option to create shortcuts to MessageCleaner on the Start Menu and/or the Desktop. If one of these shortcuts exist, click it to start MessageCleaner and then click here to proceed to the next step.

If a shortcut to MessageCleaner does not exist on the Start Menu or Desktop, you need to start MessageCleaner by double clicking its icon from the Windows explorer. First, you need to find MessageCleaner.exe.