The Years Between

In 1990, I got another muscle car.

The 1969 Mach 1 Mustang was cool...
but it only had a small block 351.
I still missed my big block 429.

Shortly after overhauling the engine and setting it up for the low
altitude of Bakersfield... I moved to Tahoe.

Not only was the valley hot rod over-carbureted
for Tahoe's 6000 ft altitude...

It wasn't exactly the best "snow car".
Even with chains on the rear tires,
all it wanted to do was pirouette around the
center of gravity (i.e. the engine).

Yet, I kept it for a few years.


That led to this:

That led to this:

15 months later...

That led to this:

Yeah, it's a Suburban. No, the wheelbarrow on top isn't a factory option.
We just couldn't fit two car seats + 1 six-year-old wiggle-butt (a.k.a. Jessica) into
the back seat of the 4Runner anymore; we were making the  800 mile round
trip to Bakersfield every 3 weeks for Jessica's visitation with her biological father.

So screw the SUV critics, We had to get a big honkin' 4WD SUV.

After we moved back to Bakersfield in 2000, gas prices began to spiral upward;
therefore, we decided to get this little 4 cylinder Ford Ranger for running around town:


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