MessageCleaner's distribution strategy is simple : Allow this program to be copied and installed on as many computers as possible with the hope that the people who continue to use it after the 30 day free trial period will register. Those who choose to continue to use MessageCleaner after the 30 day trial period without registering will be repeatedly confronted by this little gem every time MessageCleaner is launched :

Sure, it's cute.
However, it can't be closed until the 30 second delay has elapsed.
It might not seem so cute after the 100th time.

Therefore, you may distribute copies of MessageCleaner freely (regardless of whether or not you've registered) as long as you adhere to the following :

You can earn commissions without having to distribute the 1.5 MB install program: If you have registered MessageCleaner, the footer that is automatically appended to messages (when Clipboard | Copy All (F5) is clicked) will contain a referral number that identifies you as the distributor.

Here's a sample footer :

This message has been cleaned by MessageCleaner.exe v2.07

Note the ?GcNZWDIeu at the end of the URL line. This is a shorter version of the 16 digit serial number. When someone clicks this link, MessageCleaner's download page places a cookie containing your referral number of their machine. MessageCleaner's installation program searches for this cookie and, if found, brands their copy of MessageCleaner.exe with your serial number. If they register, you've just earned a level 1 commission.


If you register MessageCleaner, you will be issued a unique serial number that can be embedded into MessageCleaner's exe file. Once your serial number has been embedded, it will be displayed on MessageCleaner's start-up screen, included in MessageCleaner's printable registration form, and appended to all WWW links in the form of a referral number. For every $7.50 registration bearing your serial number Roundhill Software receives, You'll be paid you a commission. Furthermore, MessageCleaner's commissions are multi-level:

Level 1 = $1.00: Registrations bearing your SN
Level 2 = $0.50: Registrations bearing the SN of one of your Level 1 people
Level 3 = $0.25: Registrations bearing the SN of one of your Level 2 people
Level 4 = $0.10: Registrations bearing the SN of one of your Level 3 people
Level 5 = $0.05: Registrations bearing the SN of one of your Level 4 people
Level 6 = $0.01: Registrations bearing the SN of one of your Level 5 people

This means that for every $7.50 received, Roundhill Software nets $5.59 and $1.91 is paid in commissions. Understandably, commission checks for minuscule amounts are not issued every time someone registers. Commission checks are mailed once a month (on or near the 1st) to individuals who have accrued at least $5 of commission.